we love icons, we love icons, we love, we love, we love icons!!!

yep, we do.

people who love all sorts of icons
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I recently made this community so that everyone could have a place to post icons that they find or make that they think are:

cute, funny, unique, silly, dark, romantic, etc, and just worth putting here.

This community will allow all sorts of icons. Here you are not stuck to just music icons, rock icons, anime icons, or really any sort of icons. Everything goes.

But because so many icons are allowed, everyone has to have an open mind. And also has to follow some rules:

#1. Everyone can join, so with this their is a no fighting rule. Do not make rude comments to other livejournal users, and try to keep harsh comments to yourself. If you hate someone's icons, leave the post alone and don't make a comment. That simple.

#2. If you are going to post more than 3 icons, please use a lj cut. If you don't know how, ask someone. It's really not that hard to do, and it saves us all some time when it comes down to looking at the community page.

#3. If you are going to post any hentai/yaoi/yuri/porn icons, please give warning in the post, and put all of the icons in the lj cut, don't show any on the post. Some people don't like hentai and etc.

and most importantly...

#4. If you are taking the icons from someone else and wish to post them in this community you must ask the person first if you can post them here. If you do not and the creator informs me, your name will be put on our black list.

Also, if you are going to post those icons, you must write next to the icon/s who made it. And I don't care if you take 30 icons from all different people, you have to write all of the creators names next to the icons.

And the last rule...

#5. Have fun, and enjoy all the icons.

The Black List

Here is the list of people who broke the rules and did not credit the makers of an icon/s:

None yet.

alice in wonderland, american mcgee, angel sanctuary, angelic wings, anime, anime icons, anime music, aquateen hunger force, art, ayumi hamasaki, bats, battle royale, bisexuality, blythe, bondage, boys, care bears, castle in the sky, cat ears, cat girls, cats, chains, cheshire cat, chihiro, chobits, chokers, clocks, clover, coal chamber, collars, cosplay, crossbreed, crossdressing, crows, cuddling, dance dance revolution, david bowie, di gi charat, drawing, emily, endo, evanescence, fake, fangs, finding nemo, gaia, gay pride, geeks, gir, girls, glowsticks, goats, gollum, gothic clothing, gothic lolita, gothic lolita dolls, gothic music, haibane renmei, halloween, happy tree friends, hats, hayao miyazaki, hentai, invader zim, j.t.h.m., jack off jill, jann arden, japan, japanese, jeannie nitro, johnny the homocidal maniac, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, kana, kiki's delivery service, l'arc en ciel, labyrinth, lain, laylah ali, leaving marks, legend, lenore, lightning, lolita, malice mizer, mana, mashimaro, megatokyo, nami tamaki, nerds, nightmare before christmas, noir, otep, pagan, painting, pandas, persocoms, pills, pita ten, porn, pratical magic, pride, pullip, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, raves, rock, s.e.lain, sexual harassment panda, slipknot, south park, spikes, spirited away, squee, stars, steel angel kurumi, strawberry shortcake, sunsets, tails, tenchi muyo, the boogie man, the craft, the crow, the dark crystal, the labyrinth, the ring, the shining, thirteen ghosts, thunder, tiny snow fairy sugar, tokyo mew mew, totoro, underpants gnomes, underworld, utena, vampires, wicca, wings, yaoi, yuri, zim